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a little fall of rain

Hi! My name is Sarah and I feel more like a Hufflepuff everyday
Apr 20 '14

probably like a day a week, i just get really full of self hatred and just feel terrible about myself

why can’t i be happy more of the time

Apr 20 '14

should i go to csulb or chapman ???

i’ve been debating this for the past month and i dunno man i just wanna commit to a college but like chapman is expensive and csulb isn’t and i wish i got accepted into better colleges and i wish i could live on campus bc i wanna move out

Apr 20 '14
Apr 20 '14


are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch

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Apr 20 '14


i understood that reference

Apr 20 '14


Concept art for The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

Apr 20 '14


Evening dress, 1925

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Apr 20 '14
Apr 20 '14

I would not antagonize her.

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Apr 20 '14


*puts metaphor between cigarette* it’s a teeth

Apr 20 '14



Captain America: the Winter Soldier - The Falcon [x]

#SAM WAS SO GREAT LET ME LIST SOME OF THE WAYS #fearlessly chatting with captain america; treating steve like a human being #recognizing something in steve that speaks to having a hard time adjusting to his situation #and bringing it up in a way that doesn’t put steve on the defensive or make it sound like something not perfectly normal #inviting him to a ptsd meeting without making it seem like he thinks steve needs therapy #or that therapy is something to be ashamed about needing #just so casual and so fucking cool #Sam will be your legs before you realize you can’t stand anymore #and he’ll never ever make that about him (via queenklu)

Apr 20 '14
"I met my wife at a Star Trek convention. She was study abroad from France and spoke little English, and I didn’t know a lick of French. So, for the first few months of our relationship, we communicated by speaking Klingon."

Hear more tales of nerdery in this week’s Pwn Up! (via dorkly)

Okay I’m not even a Star Trek fan but that’s beautiful.

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Apr 20 '14
"I love sleeping to avoid problems."
Matthew Healy, The 1975. (via he4rt-out)
Apr 20 '14


*tips fedora at hazel grace* m’taphor

Apr 20 '14

6 year old fan asks Sebastian a question.

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