1. Thx bb, you always have my back!! I have hw due at the end of this week and on Monday for like all my classes 😔


  2. nvm not going to disney 2morrow bc i have too much hw to do

    screw u college


  3. i went to disneyland after my night class to pick up my brother and now i regret it bc i’m going again tomorrow and i still have a lot of hw


  4. i’m so jealous!! my brother is going to disneyland and i have to go to class :(


  5. i’m in love with my gender and popular culture class!!! everyone is so informed and intelligent and passionate and friendly ahh i wish i had it everyday


  6. gnarly:

    *snapchats and texts the same person at the same time*

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  9. I said bye to my oldest friend today. I’ve been friends with her for over 10 years and now she’s going off to college! It’s gonna be so weird not being able to hang out with her all the time and not being able to drive to each others houses to watch really bad tv and cheesy chick flicks. I’m gonna miss you bud!! Stay classy and I’ll see you in September 😎


  10. tsubomdere replied to your post: i just ate an entire order of ravioli …

    follow ur dreams

    my dreams are bigger than ravioli bruh 

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  11. funkymonkss replied to your post: ahh i start school tomorrow like colle…

    You are super intelligent and I know you are going to do amazing so you don’t need to worry 😘

    I never reply on time because I’m usually on mobile and I never see it but thank you so much Zoey, it means a lot <33

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  12. almost all of my friends are leaving for college !!!!


  13. Los Angeles, California; 1992

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  15. theflawless:

    why do girls have fake pockets when guys can fit a laptop in theirs 

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